We help you to specify your ideas

We are a technology company that helps you to concrete your ideas with innovative solutions that improve the quality of life of people


Software development

For us as a company it is important to be part of the identification and creation of software solutions that will allow your organization to achieve modernity and fulfillment of business objectives in the short and medium term.

Cloud Services

We are a company that has a team with high experience to give you the guidance you need from the subscription to services, through migration to the cloud, to the implementation and support of different scenarios and other tasks related to this service


StarLeaks maintains a culture of service in high degree that each implementation is according to the needs of your organization, so it is idispensable to close the link that separates the two development team and operations.


We as a company know the importance of data, so we guide you to use the right infrastructure for the right data and empower your organization with more complete valuable information and an improved method of data driven decision making. With solutions that integrate, store, manage and protect your data, you can quickly implement big data analytics applications, or start developing your own applications.



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About US

We are a Peruvian technology services company, founded in 2015 by a team of professionals passionate about innovation and growth to provide competitiveness and quality service.


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